Choreographer Auditions

In preparation for auditions, each choreographer should select a style, song(s), and overall vision for their piece to be performed before the Director. During the audition, choreographers will be asked to talk about their piece, previous choreography experience, dance training, schedule availability, and then perform their prepared 6-10 eight counts of choreography. If selected, choreographers will hold weekly, 1 hour rehearsals for 16 to 25 dancers, pending auditions. Choreographers have the option of performing with his/her dancers in the show and receive discounted registration and tuition rates. For more information, please download our Choreographer Information Packet.

*Please note, this is not a paid position.


Videos submissions will be accepted over email if you cannot make an audition time. All video submissions must be received on or before the audition dates in order to be considered. Dancers should film their work and include the following in your video:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your previous dance and/or choreography experience and training

  3. Your vision for the piece - costume ideas, lighting ideas, tone/overall feel of the piece

  4. Max & Min Number of dancers desired to be in the piece

  5. Any days during the week (Sunday through Thursday) that you absolutely cannot hold a rehearsal

  6. Perform the 6-10 eight counts of choreography facing the camera (do not have your back to the camera)

The video should be uploaded to an UNLISTED YouTube Link or Quicktime file. You will not be judged on the editing or quality of the video. Your video link & Choreographer Audition Form should be emailed to Please process your $10 audition payment by venmo’ing @DanceWorksNewYorkCity. Your audition will not be complete without payment.


Choreographers receive a significant discount on tuition as a part of our Choreographer Benefits Program. Choreographers dancing in only their own piece do so for free, however several choreographers take advantage of the Choreographer Benefits Program by registering for other dances in the rehearsal schedule rotation. All choreographers must audition for these dances during Dancer Auditions just like every other dancer, with the exception of their own piece.


  • $30 Registration Fee - Required by all choreographers each season

  • Tuition Rates vary

  • If you are a Choreographer, but do not plan to dance in ANY pieces at the show, please let Director know

Choreographer Registration Fees & Tuition should be paid online or in cash at Dancer Auditions. Checks are not accepted.


The Tuition Incentive Plan is for choreographers returning from season to season:

  • $150 - Tuition rate for 1st time DWNYC choreographers

  • $100 - Tuition rate for 2nd time DWNYC choreographers

  • $50 - Tuition rate for 3rd time DWNYC choreographers

  • $25 - Tuition rate for 4th time DWNYC choreographers

  • FREE - Tuition rate for 5th time+ DWNYC choreographers

  • FREE - Tuition rate for choreographers only dancing in their own piece

  • Choreographers are eligible to dance in up to 5 pieces (including their own dance)

*Surcharges apply for credit card processing fees. Thank you for understanding.

*Discounted Choreographer Rates are only applicable for choreographers during the season in which they choreograph. These discounts do not carry over from season to season. The Choreographer Tuition Incentive Plan is only applicable for returning choreographers.