A company.

A community.

A lifestyle. 

...we are DanceWorks New York City.

The Company

DanceWorks LLC was founded by Executive Director Lisa Mara in 2010 with the mission of providing a post-grad performance outlet for advanced & technically trained dancers (18+) who want to continue choreographing and performing into their adult life. 

In February 2010, DanceWorks Boston was established with just 15 dancers. Today, we’ve grown to be a collective of more than 350 performers between both DanceWorks Boston & DanceWorks New York City. Together, the two companies aim to build community at the same rate in which they grow. Maintaining an intimacy amongst our dancers while increasing in size is just as important to our brand. We are established around the core value to "know everyone's name" and it's a staple around the DanceWorks community.

With each new season, the company continues to grow as it provides a program unlike others. A place where high-caliber dancers, not by trade but by passion, can bring their ideas, creativity, and love for dance to life onstage while pursing other full-time career opportunities.

Our mission is to provide a professional, yet fun & flexible environment for dancers of all styles to come together as a community. A place where dancers find a balance between feeling challenged in the studio, but not overwhelmed by the commitment.

Today, DanceWorks provides members with a place to grow both technically & personally as dancers, young adults, and aspiring professionals. Read stories directly from our dancers!

The Community

We aim to build community from the moment you come in contact with us. Whether you’ve been dancing with us for several seasons or joining for the very first time, dancers should feel comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone. We make it a point to start every workshop, audition, and rehearsal by dancers introducing themselves to at least 2-3 people they’ve never met before. It’s our first step in building community. Creating connections. And forming new friendships. It's how we grow our DWNYC Family.

The Convenience

We aim to tailor our schedule around yours. With rehearsals running Sunday-Thursday evenings, our rehearsal schedule caters to that of a full-time professional, leaving time to rehearse after you’ve already logged off for the day. With a gym bag in tow, dancers leave cube-world to head into rehearsals, usually about 2-3 times per week, where they’re greeted by fellow dancers and rehearse together to achieve the same end goal.

Conveniently located between two subway stops, the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is home to DanceWorks New York City.