Welcome to audition day! Please arrive on time. When you arrive, please stand in line to pick up audition forms. Your Dancer Registration Form must be completed online prior to visiting the registration table. If you didn't pay online, your $50 Registration Fee will be accepted in person at Dancer Auditions (cash only) as we are no longer accepted checks. Thank you for helping us reduce our carbon footprint as we make a conscious effort to go green! At this time you will also:

  • Receive an Audition Number & Pref Form

  • Take your audition photo

Now is your chance to meet new dancers, introduce yourself to the Director & Choreographers, and warm up a bit until the Choreographer Showcase begins.

Choreographer Showcase

The Choreographer Showcase is an opportunity for dancers to preview all of the dances in the rehearsal schedule before selecting which pieces they would like to audition for. Each choreographer will have 2-3 minutes to take the floor, introduce himself/herself, describe their piece, and perform a short sample of choreography from their dance. This allows dancers to better understand each choreographers' style, ask questions, and decide whether or not they would like to register for that particular dance. 

*Please note, DanceWorks New York City is designed for advanced & technically trained dancers. While dancers are always encouraged to challenge themselves, dancers should not register for a piece that is above their performance level. Please be courteous of this statement before committing to the season.

Directly following the showcase, dancers will return to the waiting room, begin stretching, and prep for their first audition!

Review the Dancer Audition Checklist to come prepared for audition day!


Dancer Auditions

Each piece in the Rehearsal Schedule requires an audition. The audition format is explained below.


Each choreographer has been categorized by genre. A few counts of 8 will be taught by ONE OR TWO choreographers specific to this style of dance. You will learn this choreography in large groups split amongst two studios. After 20 minutes, those choreographers will change rooms and you'll learn the other combo. After another 20 minutes, both groups will come together to practice & review before splitting up into your smaller audition groups of 8-10 dancers. Before each group audition, a choreographers name will be stated. If you’d like to audition for their dance, you will raise your hand for that choreographer. Your audition number will be written down by that choreographer. Your group will then perform the combos you were just taught. In some cases, auditions may include a freestyle or improv section at the end to showcase specific skills: turns, leaps, style, performance. The choreographer teaching their combo will be announced at auditions.


  • Each dancer will fill out a Dancer Pref Form at the end of auditions ranking each dance they auditioned for from favorite to least favorite.


  • Choreographers must cast a minimum of 16 dancers in their dance (maximum 25 dancers)

  • If a dance does not reach 16 dancers after auditions, it will turn into an Open Registration Piece. Dancers must be advanced & technically trained in order to register for the piece. Open Registration will remain open for 24 hours after Audition Results are released. Once closed, dancers will be cast in open dances based on a waitlisted lottery format until full. Discretion is based on Choreographer and/or Director.

  • You will be notified over email if you’re cast in a Open Registration Piece after dancer audition results are released.

  •  Waitlisted dancers will get into the piece if other dancers drop.


Cannot attend auditions?

If you cannot attend Dancer Auditions but would still like to be considered, you must email the Director at at least 1 week prior to auditions including the following:

  1. describe your previous dance training & experience;

  2. include links to videos of previous dance performances you've been featured in (please point yourself out in these videos);

  3. once your email is received, the Director will provide you with a link to the electronic Dancer Audition Form and assign you a video audition number. Please complete the electronic Dancer Audition Form by inputting your video audition number and selecting the name of the piece(s) you're interested in auditioning for in order of preference (favorite to least favorite); and the preferred max # of dances (max being 4) AND preferred max # of nights per week. Please complete your Dancer Audition Form asap to give choreographers time to review your videos and ask any questions to you prior to audition day.

Dancers missing auditions should submit the online Dancer Audition Form, Dancer Registration Form & payment of the $50 Registration Fee before auditions. Choreographers will not be able to consider you for their piece unless your registration has been received in advance. While we offer this option to those with scheduling conflicts, it is highly encouraged to attend Dancer Auditions.

It is a very long, but fun day, in the studio! Please bring lots of water, snacks, and a positive attitude to meet new people & perform your best.