Izzy Manaloto, known as IZZY MAN, is an artist of all trades, trained in the art of music, visuals, and movement. This teenager with attitude mastered rhythm with the Organize Chaos Step Team of Brooklyn Tech High School, and brought Step and Hip-Hop dance styles to the Terpsichorean Dance Company at SUNY Oneonta, serving as choreographer and member of the Executive Board from 2007-2009. Since then he has performed as musician and dancer at the first annual McDonald's B-Boy Royale in 2014, rocked at the Roots Picnic in Philly 2013 warming up the crowd for The Roots, Macklemore, and Naughty By Nature, opened up for Awkwafina at Kollaboration NY 2014, and is currently performing hiphop music and dance all over NYC at venues including BB Kings, Pianos, Bowery Electric, Arlene's Grocery, Stage48, Circle Nightclub, and more. This will be Izzy's 2nd season at Danceworks NYC and first season as co-choreographer with the incomparable Sarah Nader, hoping to bring that Step swag and rhythm to the stage. You can find Izzy in his home habitat in Queens, NY wearing his favorite Red Power Ranger helmet in his spare time, rewatching "Back To the Future" and/or "Rush Hour 2" weekly while making beats, writing lyrics, or editing footage. You can find more about IZZY MAN and his journey at http://www.izzyman.com